To cover and protect your car’s entire seat, choose either our True Fit® custom canvas seat covers or H2Out® waterproof seat covers which are both “fit-like-a-glove” laser cut custom made patterns for each car seat according to year, make & model. Hand-sewn in over-lapped double seam stitching following each seats original contours, all openings re-enforced for outstanding durability and for full use of car’s seat functions including storage, leg extensions found in sport seat models, use of all armrests and movement of headrests etc. Safe on seats with Airbags and/or A/C or heated seats.  Our Seat Tee® personal seat protector are a quick ON/OFF effortless the solution for specific occasions like going to the beach, to the gym, exercising, biking, running or simply want a little extra protection for your car’s seats while traveling with infants, children, etc., providing complete waterproof protection of the seating surface only.  For bench seats found in cars you can also choose our Semi Custom Seat Covers which are made using our H2Out waterproof canvas and provide quick and effortless protection for any bench seat. While these still provide for safe use of seatbelts they do limit the use of armrests/cup holder use. All car seat covers are Machine Wash/Dry.

True Fit® Custom Canvas Seat Covers
for Car Front Seats

Seat Covers for Cars

Browse through pictures below to see for yourself just how tailor fitted our True Fit® and H2Out custom car seat covers look once installed in actual front and rear car seats.

Corvette Bucket Sport Seats in
two-tone w/Embroidered Logo

Nissan Versa Front
LB Bucket Seats w/Airbags

Nissan Versa Driver Front
LB Bucket Seat Covers

09 Corvette Bucket Sport Seat
two-tone w/Embroidered Logo

2010 Dodge Caliber Fronts
TwoTone Dk Gray w/Lt Gray

Seat covers allow for safe
rear airbag deployment

Volvo C30 Front Seat Covers
Two-tone LG w/Hawaiian Green

Nissan Sentra SER w/Recessed
Headrests & custom stitching

Mazda Speed Sport Seat Rec’d
Headrest & Custom Stitching

Hyundai LB Bucket
Seats w/Airbags

Hyundai Elantra Fronts
LB Bucket Seats w/Airbags

2010 BMW 3 Series Seat
LB Bucket Sport Seat Covers

’05-’07 Ford 500 Front
LB Bucket Seats in Lt Gray

Acura TL Front Bucket Seats
in two-tone Hawaiian

Double overlapped seam
stitch for superb durability

06-08 Honda Fit Passenger Front
LB Bucket Seat in Dark Gray

BMW 5 Series Front Driver
LB Bucket Seat Covers in Khaki

2011 Toyota Camry Front
Passenger LB Bucket Seat

Ford Mustang Front Sportseat
Large Bolsters and Contours

Notice how seat covers are fitted
around seat bottom contours

Toyota Camry Front Sportseats
Recessed Headrest & Bolsters

Audi A4 Front LB Buckets Fully in Hawaiian Dark Gray

06-08 Lexus IS 250 Front Seat
Lowback Bucket Seat in Khaki

06-08 Lexus IS 250 Front Seat
Lowback Bucket Seat in Khaki

2010 Chevy Camaro LB Bucket
Sportseats w/Recs’d Headrests

Ford 500 LG Lumbar
Lever with reinforced opening

Rear Storage Pockets
(Standard on all Fronts)

Honda Civic Front Bucket Seats
Two-tone Dark Gray w/Silver

Safe on Seats w/Airbags
Reinforced Openings

06-08 Honda Fit Driver
Seat Covers in Dark Gray

97-99 Buick Century Front
Bucket Seat Covers in Blue

2011 Toyota Camry Driver
LB Bucket Seat Khaki

Notice how seat covers are fitted
exactly around seat top contours

Chrysler 300 Lowback
Sportseats w/enlarged bolsters

Mazda Front Bucket Sportseats
Recessed Headrest Detail

Volkswagen Bug Front Buckets
in Purple Hawaiian Seats

09 Mercedes Benz S550 Front
LB Bucket Seats Dark Gray

2007 – 2009 Acura RL Driver
Bucket Seats w/Adjustible HR

Nissan 370Z Driver Sport Seat
Covers w/large seat side bolsters

Ford 500 LG console cover

True Fit® Custom Seat Covers for Cars Rear Seats

07-08 Kia Optima Rear LB
Solid Bottom Splitback bench

’08-’11 Honda Accord Rear
LB Bench w/3 Headrests

Honda Fit Rear in Dark Grey
LB 60/40 Split Bench

Chrysler 300 Rear Seat Covers
HB 60/40 Splitbench w/Armrest

Mazda Speed Rear Bench
LB Solid Bottom w/6040 Top

2011 Toyota Camry Rear
60/40 Splitback Solid Bottom

’03-’07 Honda Accord Khaki
LB Bench w/Center Armrest

Honda Accord Driver Seat
Lowback Bench Seat in Taupe

Saab Rear Side View with
Armrest in Down Position

Acura TL Rear Bench
two-tone bench w/Arm

Mazda Rear Armrest
Cupholder Detail

Toyota Camry Rear Covers
Bench w/Center Armrest

2009 Hyundai Elantra Rear
60/40 w/Cup Holder Arm

’08-’11 Honda Accord Rear
LB Solid Bench w/Arm

Saab Rear Full View
LB Solid Bench w/Armrest

Nissan Versa LB 60/40
Splitback Solid Bottom

Speed Rear Bench
Two Tone Charcoal w/LG centers

Camry Rear Fold Down
Seat for Trunk Space Access

Still Unsure of Styles and Pricing or Colors

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PLEASE ALLOW 12-18 DAYS FOR DELIVERY.  ALL ORDER ARE CUSTOM MADE. All orders shipped via Miami UPS ground services otherwise chosen at checkout.

Electrical openings are not made due to potential hazard, liability and aesthetic reasons. We only use first grade poly/cotton blended denim-like fabric Made in the U.S.A. exclusively for us similar to canvas but much more comfortable and conforming to car seats. Each vehicle row is sold as a set and all front sets include a rear storage/map pocket on back of driver and passenger seats and all headrest and armrest covers also included (when applicable) AT NO ADDITIONAL COST.  Most of our custom car seat covers are designed as one-piece covers, have elastic straps that hook onto coils (underneath the seats) to help prevent the seat covers from shifting as you enter and exit the vehicle and also include a bungie cord that can be tightened (as necessary) to further ensure a perfect stay-in-place fit. Others are designed as two-piece covers with Velcro tabs. We offer one of the largest selection of color choices including solid factory colors, Hawaiian Seat Cover prints and Camouflage which can be custom ordered in two-tone designs or with embroidered logos. If you’re unsure of what color to choose or would like to see, feel and touch the fabric, please feel free to Request a Sample in the mail. Most of the pictures above are images sent in by our customers or pictures taken immediately upon taking covers out of packaging, thus have some creases and wrinkles. However, once seat covers are “sat in”, they conform perfectly to seats with no evident wrinkles or creases. When ordering, please be sure to know if your seats have airbags by looking for a sewn-in label or other markings on the seats or consult your owner’s manual. With over a half century of combined industry knowledge, our staff can easily assist you with this or any other concerns. Feel free to contact our specialists at 1-800-584-3858.  Visit our Wholesale page to become a vendor.

Seatcovers warranted for a full year to be free of defects in material and workmanship.
Lowest Price Available Online, Guaranteed!!*
Contact us with any concerns or to receive free color/material samples.

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