Our H2Out® waterproof seat covers are custom tailor-made exactly like our TrueFit® using the same highly durable poly-cotton canvas with a patented H2Out® film on back of fabric making it waterproof while still allowing for breathability so as not to allow condensation to build-up inside original seats as occurs when using neoprene or vinyl products.

As can be seen in either our car seat covers, truck seat covers, SUV seat covers or Van seat covers pages, we use the same “fit-like-a-glove” laser cut patterns custom made for each seat according to year, make & model as with our standard TrueFit® custom seat covers. Both are hand-sewn in over-lapped double seam stitching following each seats original contours, all openings are re-enforced for outstanding durability and allow for full use of seat functions including storage, stow-away and movement. Safe on seats with Airbags and/or A/C or heated seats and cover the entire front and back of seats. Available in standard duty, light duty and heavy duty. The standard duty is for normal use and perfect when traveling with kids so you can focus on driving safely and not worry about any spills or food messes. The light duty is ideal when traveling with pets and/or cargo 39-60 lbs. as it is made using 2-Ply of material for added protection while the heavy duty is a 3-Ply construction which includes a foam padding for pets / cargo weighing over 60 lbs.

Waterproof Seat Covers | Dog Seat covers


Custom made for all
Front & Rear seats

Safe on seats w/airbags
A/C & heated seats.

Safe use of all Seatbelts

Pocket of back of all bucket seats standard

Driver & Passenger
Rear Storage Pocket

Separate headrest covers included when applicable

Headrests included
at no charge!

Use of Console Storage

Openings for all manual seat functions

Full use of all seat flip
& stow-away functions

Console cover

Most Armrests &
Consoles included

Use of Split Seat Functions

contoured to each seat

Overlapped Seams and
Contoured Patterns

Openings for all manual seat functions

Re-enforced Openings
for levers & Knobs

Safe Use of Child
Car Seat Clips

Patented Waterproof Logo

H2Out® Waterproof Canvas Seat Cover Colors

H2Out Tan/Khaki
Hawaiian Tan/Taupe
Hawaiian Green
H2Out Dark Gray
Hawaiian Blue
Hawaiian Gray
H2Out Black
Hawaiian Red
Hawaiian Pink

IMPORTANT: H2Out waterproof seat covers are “Special Orders” and NOT returnable unless our mistake. Please be sure of color choice before ordering. We can guarantee you’ll love the fit and quality but color is a personal preference. We strongly suggest you request samples if unsure, if changing existing interior color, or to visualize chosen color BEFORE placing an order.

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H2Out seat covers warranted for one full year.
Lowest Price Available Online, Guaranteed!!*

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