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L/B stands for Low Back. Refers to removable or seperate headrests. Most seats have either a button on side of headrest base or a whole which needs to be pushed in with a paper clip to release headrest. See your owners manual for proper removal instructions.
H/B stands for High Back. Refers to non-movable or built-in headrest. Headrests are molded into seat.
Solid Armrest refers to an armrest that is attached to seat, but does not open for storage and in some instances it may not move up or down.
Console Armrest refers to a console that opens for storage and in most cases moves up or down.
All sets include all of these pieces, if applicable, at no additional cost!

Please note:

Openings for electrical controls are not made due to potential hazard, liability and aesthetic reasons. Electrical controls are accessible through the seat covers without any problems.

Rear Seat Covers Style Configurations

Solid bench seat covers rear

 SOLID BENCH SEAT COVERS: Bottom Cushion all one piece
L/B or H/B with and without “solid” or “console” armrest

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rear 40_20_40 seats

40/20/40 SEAT COVERS  (seats 3)
L/B or H/B
Center (20) may be “solid” or “console”

To Order: 2nd Row only

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SPORT SEAT seat cover

SPORTSEAT SEAT COVERS Starting @ $119.95
L/B or H/B with more defined contours/bolsters. May also have retractable leg extensions

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split bench seat covers

L/B or H/B May be 50/50 or 60/40 Split
(one side moves independent from the other)
May include “solid” or “console” armrest)

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solid bottom bench seat cover
L/B or H/B (Seat Bottoms are 1pc) Starting @ $139.95
May include “solid” or “console” armrest

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