We use only top quality “first” grade U.S. Made materials….

Our Seat Tee®, True Fit®, H2Out® and Semi-Custom seat covers are made using first quality exclusive highly durable and breathable blend of polyester and cotton (a/k/a canvas) similar to “blue jeans” which gets softer & softer after each wash and will never shrink. Not hard like Cordura yet it withstands abuse just as well – all while offering a soft and comfortable feel. The polyester provides remarkable durability while cotton keeps covers cool & comfortable…wash after wash…year after year. Our covers will provide years of stylish protection to help keep your seats in “showroom” condition hence preserving it’s re-sale value.  Choose among our 12 solid factory colors, our fashionable Hawaiian seat cover prints – available in six (6) colors and our exclusive Camouflage print, a favorite among the sporting and hunting enthusiasts and most popular on our truck seat covers. For added protection choose our exclusive patented “better than neoprene” H2Out® waterproof seat cover fabric available in tan, gray, black, Camouflage and the Hawaiian prints. The first to provide complete seating surface waterproof protection while allowing original seats to breathe so condensation and mildew will never ruin your seats. Available in standard, light duty or heavy duty (with extra padding).  We can always make matching sets because we do not use 2nd grade fabrics or remnants like other manufacturers, rather our fabrics are exclusively made for us and are intended for commercial use. Choose among our traditional True-Fit® custom-fit seat covers, H2Out® Waterproof custom-fit seat covers, Seat Tee personal seat protectors. or our Semi-Custom Seat Covers. Order a matching Organizer to keep auto looking neat and a matching Cargo Liner to keep cargo area also clean and dry in any of our exclusive seat cover colors. We also use only top quality US Made threads, Velcro and elastics in the production of our products.

Please Note: Price is based on seat style only. Color chosen will not affect the price of your seat covers, unless ordering two tone seat styles which are $40 extra or H2Out® material which starts at $50 additional. Please take the time to request color samples be sent to you by mail, FIRST, so that you can be completely sure of your color choices(s).  SEAT COVERS ARE “NOT” RETURNABLE DUE TO COLOR.

Standard:  Poly/Cotton Canvas Seat Cover Colors

Light Gray
Dark Gray

Patented Waterproof Logo

H2Out® Waterproof Canvas Seat Cover Colors

H2Out Tan/Khaki
Hawaiian Tan/Taupe
Hawaiian Green
H2Out Dark Gray
Hawaiian Blue
Hawaiian Gray
H2Out Black
Hawaiian Red
Hawaiian Pink

INPORTANT: Two Tones, Hawaiian, Camouflage prints and H2Out seat covers are “Special Orders” and will NOT be accepted for returns unless error by us on order. If unsure of color selection, please request color swatches by mail prior to ordering.  Visit our Wholesale page to become a vendor.

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