Seat Tee® personal auto seat protectors are the luxurious solution to protecting car seats without compromise


Sweat Proof


Easy On and Off




Machine Wash/Dry with Convenient Storage

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Seat Tee® personal auto seat protectors are the ideal solution for those wishing to enjoy their luxurious interiors while keeping car seats protected only when needed. Simply throw over seats when headed to the gym, going to the beach, running, cycling, taking pets out or any other sporting and outdoor activities you can dream of. When done simply wrap up into its sewn-in pocket on the front which serves as storage while in use and acts as the storage pouche for Seat Tee® to be quickly wrapped up and conveniently tucked away under seat, in any storage compartment or in your trunk when no longer needed.

Practical for both front and rear seats and great for use under infant car seats to protect from all the unexpected mishaps that come when traveling with kids. Seat Tees go over vehicle’s headrest (like a T-shirt) providing full sweat-proof, dirt-proof, waterproof protection of entire seating surface with over-lapping front and lateral sides. Elastic straps wrap around top shoulder area, center flap gets tucked into crack of seat (where backrest meets seat cushion) and the slightly rubberized waterproof backing all help to hold in place. Seat Tee’s are made in our exclusive H2Out® patented waterproof and breathable fabric so it’s safe on heated or A/C seats.

The following are pictures of the features that keep Seat Tee®
universal auto seat protectors in place

Fit’s any Seat. Simply place opening over vehicle headrest
and wrap elastic bands around seat side shoulders

Self storage pocket can be used
for any type of storage while in use

Flap with retainer end sewn in at center
goes through seat crack to keep in place!

Wraps up into sewn-in pocket
for quick & convenient storage

Patented Waterproof Logo

Seat Tee® Auto Seat Protector Colors

H2Out Tan
H2Out Gray
H2Out Black
H2Out Camouflage
H2Out Hawaiian Blue
H2Out Hawaiian Pink
H2Out Hawaiian Tan
H2Out Hawaiian Red
H2Out Hawaiian Gray


Seat Tee universal auto seat protectors warranted for a full year.
Lowest Price Online, Guaranteed!!*
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