Truck Seat Covers custom made in Two Tone Design for Dodge Ram Front Seats
Truck Seat Covers Custom Made for GMC 40/20/40 Front Seats
Seat Covers Custom Made in Two Tone Design for Ford King Ranch w/ Camo center
Truck Front Custom Seat Covers for Ford F150 w/Integrated Seatbelts

Truck Front Seat Cover Order Form

A separate form is required for each set of seat covers being ordered.
When ordering multiple sets, click “continue shopping” to fill out for each row and add to cart.

*Model: Include Model name and all initials, if any.
*Body Style:
*Seat Style:
Passenger Fold Flat Seat: If Bucket seats, does passenger fold down completely flat?
Center Bottom Console: If 40/20/40, does center 20 bottom seat cushion open for storage?
Center Top Console: In 40/20/40 seats, the center top 20 may be solid, open for storage or stationary
*Integrated Airbags: Look for tag sewn/mark on door side of seat reading "Airbags" or "SRS"
*Integrated Seatbelts: Seatbelts out of actual side of seat
*Armrest Part of Seat:
Cup Holders: For 40/20/40 seats only, we need to know how many cup holders on the center section
*Electric Seats: Need to know to choose correct pattern but we do not make openings for electric controls for safety and aesthetic reasons
*Manual lumbar control/knob? One or both seats may have a knob/lever/pump to inflate or deflate seat back for more support. When electric, no openings are made as control can be accessed through fabric. When manual, openings must be made.
*Select Type For Price:
Add Two-Tone – Cost $40.00 extra Add Embroidery – Cost $60.00 extra
*Color: View Colors When choosing two tone, first color selected will be for everything except the center panel color which is chosen separately. When choosing H2Out colors please choose be sure to have chosen same on question above "Select Type for Price" as prices vary.
*Quantity: One set includes complete row plus headrest and armrest covers when applicable.
Special Instructions:
Use this space for details of embroidery if chosen or to discuss any specific concerns. We will contact you if any of your information is unclear.


Because of the custom nature of our product, we may need to contact you once order is received. If you have any concerns, call: 1-800-584-3858 or email:

We thank you and look forward to serving you

Custom Seat Covers warranted for a full year.
Lowest Prices Online, Guaranteed!!*
Contact us with concerns or to receive free color/material samples.
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