Create your own two tone seat covers by selecting between any of our solid color, Hawaiian prints or Camouflage print to create a great looking personalized design for an additional $40.00. Two Tone seat covers can be made for all bucket or captain seats and 40/40/40 seats only.  We cannot do it for solid or split bench seats. To have your custom seat covers made in a two tone design, from the Buy Now page simply check on the 2-Tone option at “Price Per Row” field.  Choose the Primary Color (everything but the center) and then choose Color for Center.  Headrests and armrests, if applicable, will be done in the prevailing color chosen for the outside unless otherwise stated. Also keep in mind that there are limited H2Out® colors to choose from.

Two Tone Seat Covers

Ford F150 w/Airbags
Khaki w/Black Two Tone

Tacoma Buckets Two Tone
Dark Gray w/ Light Gray

Corvette Black w/Red insert

Mazda Speed Sportseats
BK/LG Two Tone Seat Covers

2010 Kia Soul Black w/Red
Insert to Match Original Interior

Honda Pilot LB Buckets
Khaki w/Camo Center

VW Beetle Front Buckets
Two Tone Hawaiian Khaki/Khaki

’04 Mini Cooper Two Tone
Hawaiian Pink w/Black

F150 40/20/40 Driver
Khaki w/Black Center

Tacoma Rear Two Tone
Dark Gray w/ Light Gray

05-07 Embroidered Corvette

LB 60/40 Rear w/Armrest
Two Tone DG/LG Dodge Ram

Nissan Rogue Rear Splitback
Solid Bottom Bench KA/BK

Jeep Wrangler “X” Rear
LB 60/40 Splitbench LG w/Red

Beetle Full Set Seat Covers
Khaki Hawaiian Seat Covers

2007 Ford F150 Truck
Two Tone seat covers

09 Toyota Tacoma
L/B Bucket DG w/LG insert

Acura LB Buckets Two Tone
Palomino w/Hawaiian Blue

Acura TL  TwoTone Rear

Mazda Speed Rear DG/LG
Rear Bench Seat Covers

Kia Sorrento Front Seats
LB Buckets Hawaiian Center

2010 Ford King Ranch Driver
w/Airbags & Electric Lumbar

2010 Beetle Rear Bench
Khaki/Hawaiian Khaki

2007 Ford F150 Front
LB 40 20 40 benchseats

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Unsure of:  Styles and Pricing or Colors

Most are images above have been sent in by our customers or pictures taken immediately upon taking covers out of packaging, thus some creases and wrinkles may be seen. However, once seat covers are “sat in”, they conform perfectly to seats with no evident wrinkles or creases. We feel that it’s better to see for yourself just how tailored fitted our seat covers look in actual vehicle seats, rather than showing you a generic picture as seen on other sites. When choosing a two tone design, you may want to request samples prior to ordering as these are custom made choices that will not be returnable due to color dislike upon receipt.  To become a vendor visit our Wholesale site.

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Two Tone seat covers warranted for one full year.
Lowest Price Available Online, Guaranteed!!*
Contact us with any concerns or to receive free color/material samples.

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